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Hill Training | Weeks 3 & 4 of 10 Weeks to a Half Marathon

hill training 3

In October, I’m running the Runners World Half Marathon and apparently, it’s a very hilly course. Yikes! My normal running routes are relatively flat with just a few inclines. I would like to maintain a sub-2 hour pace during this race, but its hills could slay me unless I start some hill training. This past […]


Preventing Boredom on the Long Runs | Week 5 of 10 Weeks to a Half Marathon

Every week between now and early May, I will be charting my progress as I train for my next half marathon in Pittsburgh. I’ll post everything about my training from the actual distances to what I wear to how I stay hydrated, nourished and entertained while running. Long runs can get tedious at times. It’s just […]