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Kitchen Economics

Produce Tips Revitalize Dried Out Baby Carrots U-Pick local, seasonal fruit How to Freeze herbs, How to Freeze Basil Freeze your garden harvest – green beans, hot pepper How to Save Money at the Apple Orchard Organizing Tips Know Your Buy Price Organize your pantry and your spices My grocery list/menu clip board Plan your weekly menu […]

Batch Browning & Freezing Ground Meat and Sausage

batch browning ground turkey 2

For years, I’ve been buying the larger packages (3+ pounds) of ground turkey and sausage, because the sale price per unit is so much better than the smaller packages. I would divide the raw meat into 1 pound portions and freeze individually. I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure out that browning […]

This One Technique Helped a Single Mom Save $312 on Food

Guest post from Karen of You’re about to see how teacher, Jessica G., used my Receipt Reference Technique to save money on food and plan for her future purchases in three easy steps. And then I’ll explain exactly how she did it so that you can potentially get similar or better results. 1. Jessica posted […]